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A portion of every purchase will go to Nuzzles Rescue Ranch and A Soldier’s Child.

About Us

Savannah’s love for soap making began at the young age of 5, when she received a soap kit as a gift. Savannah and her mom were always exploring ideas for activities they both enjoyed doing together, and soap making was a huge hit!


Starting small, Savannah explored various ingredients, colors, scents and molds to get to know more about the soap making process. She began selling her creations door to door, and eventually set up a booth in her front yard on different occasions. Additionally, Savannah donated a portion of her profits to her Elementary School and continues to contribute to her favorite charities that range from Nuzzles & Co to foundations that support Veterans and their families.


Now, at the age of 10, Savannah is more aware of the importance of being an eco friendly company, and she uses the best quality ingredients in all of her homemade creations in addition to biodegradable packaging. Her favorite parts of Bath & Body product making are being able to spend time with her mom and using her creativity to make new and fun items.


Savannah lives in Park City, UT with her mom and dad, two dogs (Shiva and Guillermo), three cats (Athena, Minx and Glenn) and twenty fish. In her free time, aside from making Bath & Body creations, Savannah loves doing Gymnastics, playing Softball and hanging out with her friends.




Owner & Soap Artist